At iTalented, we believe everyone has talent. Our job is to bring out that talent.

Through our developing programs, we create a friendly environment that cultivates talent and brings smiles to faces.

New ! AP Calculus BC Exam Boost Camp

AP Calculus BC boost Camp will be held on site near Cupertino.

Early bird Only $ 800, Regular fee $850

12 Saturday morning , 10:00-12:00 starting from Feb 18th

New ! AP Physics 1 Exam Boost Camp

AP Physics 1 Exam Boost Camp will be held on site near Cupertino.

Early bird Only $ 950, Regular $1000

15 Saturday nights 7-9pm, starting from Jan 28th.

Through our learning programs with well designed curriculums, professional teachers and Interactive instructions, our talented students gain logical thinking skills and become proactive learners.
We offer offer private and group lessons on Math, Physics, Chemistry and CS.

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I Develop

Through the extracurriculars, our talented students gain enriched experiments on STEM and Teamwork, communication skills, and project management skills to develop into well-rounded innovators .

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Through community service programs, our talented students gain the leadership skills and volunteer service experiences, serve the communities and become a loyal citizen.

To learn more about our service programs, please visit iTlalented Nonprofit organization Website.

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